Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Everest Here We Come!

We have changed our plans slightly here, and will be taking off for our trek on Friday morning, weather permitting. We should be back on the 21st. We have been busy looking for a new guide, as we didn't really click with the one we had set up. We found a great company and a decent deal. We met our guide today, Robbi, and he seemed really fun and knowledgeable. We are also a lot more confident in ourselves now, especially since our guide just returned from Everest Base Camp with a 67 year old client that made it!

In other news, there was a series of bombings here in Kathmandu the day before we arrived. There has been a lot of peace (at least more peace) here in Nepal for the last couple of years, but they are holding elections here for the first time in November, so the Maoists are trying to scare the voters. Don't worry Mom....we are safe! Let's just hope that we don't run into any Maoists on the trail that find out we're Americans! We covet your prayers during this exciting yet challenging endeavor. Unless we get eaten by a yak, we'll update you all in about 2 weeks.

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