Sunday, August 5, 2007

The Fun Has Begun

Here we are sitting on the couch in Rockford! Since our last post we have had some serious fun with friends and family. After the Bar exam we headed up to northern Wisconsin to enjoy some much needed R&R at Kolnes Kove with some of our closest college friends. We skied, tubed (we actually drove the crazy boat that bumped off Drew), wakeboarded & body surfed. To the right is a picture of all six of us; Us, Loralee & Drew and Stephen (Disko) & Joy.
The next REALLY fun event was the week of Kristin & Keith's wedding. We enjoyed the week of preparations and parties with our family and friends. We were both in the wedding party and were so honored to be a part of the Blomgren-Johnson union. They had a beautiful ceremony at First Covenant Church, David's home church, and a dinner and dance to follow at the Radisson. There were so many people we knew at the wedding, which made dancing and socializing so much more fun. We are really excited for Kristin and Keith and feel so blessed to have sister and in-laws that we so much enjoy.

Tomorrow we leave for our trip and as we go we would covet your prayers. Here are some specific requests we have:
1. Safety throughout our travels 2. Kelly's back to be pain free and stable 3. For our relationship that we can continue to fall deeper in love and closer to each other 4. That our eyes would be open to see God's hand around the world!
Thank you all so much for your support and love, we are very excited to get on our way. We'll update you on the other side of the world!


roger and deb fritz said...

Dave and Kelly,
It was nice to briefly get to know you both at Keith and Kristens wedding. I look forward to tracking your trip to Asia and escpecially Everest base camp. Have fun and be safe.
roger fritz

Stephen Becker said...

Where are the pictures of chunky dunking?

Enjoy Everest Base Camp! I'm praying you make it the whole way, and also praying that God takes away my jealousy.


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