Monday, August 13, 2007

Hong Kong Picures

Here is a shot from the bus on the way to the YMCA where we spent the night. This is Nathan Road, a main street on Kowloon Island.
Here is David at his old school! It was really fun to revisit some old memories that he had while he was there.
Here we are at the harbor with the skyline in the background. As you can see the weather was muggy and it rained all day long!

The Harbor at night, so beautiful! The building on the right was being built while David was attending school in Hong Kong and is now the tallest building in HK.


Maxx said...


I went thru' you page , it was good and I wish to have it as a link in my page.Look at this it might help you a lot.


Kimbi said...

Love the pics!! It's so fun to see where you're at! Hope you're having fun with the Moselle's. Love ya!

Beth said...

Hi! It looks like you guys are having fun. We're so glad you've created this website so we can see what you are doing. We miss you guys terribly! UGH!

Beth, Jason & Wren


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