Monday, October 15, 2007

Gettin' Comfy

We have been delaying our full blown update for when we get the call from the Air Force that will tell us where we will be living. .. but, we have yet to receive one. We have had some restless nights thinking of all the possibilities but we know God is in control of that and we are trying to act in confidence on that belief. I will fill you in on our lives since the trip!

We have been home almost three weeks and it's been so much fun! We are living at my parent's house (the Moselle's) in New Hope, MN in my old bedroom. When we got home we were told that David would not be able to start his officer training until January so... the job search began. We tried to pickup some shifts at the Marriott doing banqueting. I called my peeps at Ryder and had an interview a few days after we returned. David started calling U of I alum and working on getting his resume out to some legal temp agencies and even applying to be a substitute teacher! Thank the Lord we both have found some money making jobs. I will be working at Ryder and am just waiting for the call to say when I can start. I will work in Roseville at a larger location than I did in IL and will still be training new employees and working on the rental counter. David started working at Faegre & Benson Law Firm, the largest firm in Minneapolis. He is basically reading documents all day and he says it's really boring. He was hired to work on this litigation case which takes a lot of manpower to prepare.

My parents are continually improving their home and so we are trying to lend a hand in that area as well. We don't feel like we've been of much help but we try! Today my mom and I put together a new desk for the family room and that took a lot of patience on my part because of those darn bolts they give you!

Here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure!

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David and Bethany Rinn said...

Okay guys, this is Stephen and Joy's friend Bethany Bergstrom, now Rinn....anyway, I saw your blog through Stephen's, but I was just looking at the picture of Blom talking with "uncle Dave"--is that Dave Malley???? We went to church together @ Redeemer Covenant all growing up, and I worked at Covenant Pines with his boys!! That is so bizarre!! How are you related to him??? Anyway, that is random!! My e-mail is teamrinnatyahoodotcom. Anyway....hope you are all doing well! It looks like you've had some awesome adventures!! ;)


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