Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Staying Connected

We are so blessed to have been able to go to Taylor University and want to continue to embrace the treasures God gave us while we were there! One thing that I, Kelly have been able to do is stay close with some of the girls that I had Bible study with my senior year. This is the third annual get together that we've had. The reunions consist mostly of food, talking and not much sleep in order to do the first two things! We were blessed to have been able to use the Blomgren's home in Rockford while they were out of town. The Lord really blessed our time together and really blessed us through each other! Here are a few pictures of the successful weekend. We sang worship songs and prayed over each other on Saturday night!
(Ashley & Piano)
Here's most of us talking in the kitchen getting dinner ready!
(Kat, Jen, Joy, Karen, MaryBeth)
Watch out for Kat with a knife!
(Ashley, Jen & Kat)

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