Thursday, November 15, 2007

Baseball Champ!

My parents are home from their yearly Florida trip. Evey year they drive down to Florida so my dad can play a little baseball in the Roy Hobbs Tournament! He's really old but can still prove he is young at heart and just as agile as he was years ago. He plays on a 38 and older team the first week as well as manages the team. The second week he plays for a 48 and older team as the pitcher again. There were some awesome games both weeks. Here are a few of the highlights...

1. Dad pitching the Championship game in week two and winning.
2. Mom went to a beading store and read a lot of books :-)
3. Dad and Mom always try to visit some friends that live in FL and this year it was Joe & Tracy Sprout from CEFC.
4. Dad pitching 2 games in one day with a sum of 18 innings of pitching... in the words of his manager "Randy, MVP Moselle with an 18 inning gem that I'll remember for a long time. How amazing was that?!?!"

I am sure my parents just love getting away and being together.
So they're home and we're glad they are safe! Welcome back guys.

Happy Birthday Karen Blomgren!!! Hope your day is wonderful.

My handsome World Series Winner Dad!

Mom watching Dad's pitching skills. Beautiful right?

The "Moselle Minute" before one of the games in week one!

Wonderful parents that love each other.

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Kimbi said...

love the pics and it makes me excited to be with you soon:) Love ya!


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