Saturday, November 10, 2007

The First Week

What a week! Last weekend David headed to Chicago for one day to attend Noah Zaph's bachelor party and came back to work at the Marriott with me on Sunday! We had fun working a sports banquet where David got to serve Paul Molitor, who by the way says hi dad (they played ball at the U of M together)!

Monday morning David was of course back at Faegre & Benson and I started at Ryder!! I worked for three days in Roseville to help get adjusted to being back, which really only took a few hours and all the information started pouring back! My rental manager was in town which was nice so I could get to know her and be taken out to Granite City (my favorite restaurant right now!) for a welcome back to Ryder lunch! We had a rental meeting for the area and I ordered the dinner for the meeting which is just like the old days. I was in charge of ordering the food for big meetings that went on in IL. Thursday I started working in Rogers and that is where I will work and train in new people. So, I went from not working for about 4 months to working 7 days in a row!!! I am so tired but I am sure I will adjust to life back in the "real" world.

Thanks for anyone who was praying I would finally start working. God is good.

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Eryn said...

So great to read about your travels...I'm so jealous you guys went back to Nepal...I really hope we get to go back one day!


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