Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Two 14ers Down, 52 To Go

Last week, a fellow JAG and I nabbed two 14ers in the Front Range, Grays and Torreys Peaks. It was a ton of fun, especially glissading 2,000 feet in 60 seconds. We left here at 4:30, hit the trailhead by 7:30, and were back to the car by 2:00. Both peaks are close to each other, so its pretty easy to do both in a day. The weather held out for us, and we summited both! And, I got to use my Jeep for what it was made for: off-roading! It if weren't for the Jeep, we would have had 7 more miles to hike. Here are some pics:

From the Interstate.
Torreys Peak.
Capt Gehman in front of Torreys.
You can see our trail from where we slid on our butts down the mountain! Very exciting.
At the top of Torreys.
Grays in the background.
At the top of Grays.

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