Monday, June 30, 2008

The Beginning of a great 2 weeks.

I was able to fly home to MN on Saturday morning. My grandma Malley passed away on Thursday from Corticobasal Ganglia Degeneration, a very rare disease that robbed her from many things including a longer life. However, she is dancing with Jesus as I type and for that we are grateful. She suffered from this disease for more than 10 years and was unable to speak, walk, or use her hands. She was mentally sound and able to think clearly which made the disease even more frustrating for her than anything else.

She was an amazing women of the Lord, praying daily for all of her 5 children, 12 grandchildren and 2 great grandchildren. For me personally I have been touched by her devotion to God and her faithfulness to him through any trial in her life. My grandpa has also been a beautiful example of a devoted loving husband, seeing her everyday and spending hours at her nursing home talking to her and just keeping her company. Grandpa, you are a beautiful example of Christ's love for his church through your marriage devotion to Grandma.

So being home is a wonderful gift! I get to see my family and a few friends while I'm here. Last night was David's birthday and we celebrated with a bar-b-cue without him! Moselle's plus our friend Dawnette , Tiffany and Nate! We love them! Kim also came home from working at camp this summer in WI. She is loving her many interesting experiences and is learning so many things. She was blessed to have been able to borrow a friend's car so she could make it back here to celebrate Grandma.

Sisterly love.

Of course, we love our Dad!

In stead of birthday cake we had some sorbet!
Kim, Me, Tiff, Dawnette

Because we love them!
Tiff & Nate

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Christine/Chris said...

Hey Kel, thanks for posting this awesome blog about Grandma... I haven't felt like typing one up so far, I'd probably be in tears the whole time =[ Sounds like I'll see you the next couple days!


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