Saturday, July 5, 2008

My TU Ladies

Preparing for all the changes that took place in the last year has been easy!  We've been so supported and loved by our family and that's made the challenges that come with these changes easier.  One thing that has been really hard for me (Kelly) is missing out on some important weddings in the midwest this summer.  I would say there are about 8 girls from Taylor that I am still close with.  Before this summer 2 of them were already married and 4 others got married!!!

One of the hardest things about the AF so far is missing all four of these weddings.  Mostly it was too expensive to fly and so I had to opt out of being able to fly to any of them.  So, in honor of my closest friends from Taylor, I love you girls and I miss you.  Please know that David and I would have loved to support you on your special day.  But, I can honestly say we will keep lifting you up in prayer as your wedded bliss has just begun!  I love you Carrie, Jen, Laura and Karen!  Happy marriages.

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