Monday, July 14, 2008


Pike's Peak Rodeo or BUST!
We thoroughly enjoyed our first rode experience. I LOVED it and yeehawed and clapped for all my cowgirls and cowboys out there. Holla! It was 7/11 when we went and we just happen to stop at a 7 Eleven and got some free slurpees, my favorite!!! David obviously had a blue one :-)
Wrigley got neutered last week and he looks like this with his cone head. He acts just as silly and happy as before he lost his "manhood" It's only too bad he has to have that thing on him for a week, poor baby.
And you can see how terrible the hot sun is here since it's fried our yard!

1 comment:

Amy said...

I think you should try wearing that plastic cone thingy for a few hours to get an idea of what Wrigley felt like. Poor little guy! Although, I have to say, it seems like he took it more as a challenge...


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