Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The End

Cheers to the end of a wonderful time spent with the Blomgren clan. Here's the one and only picture we took as a group!
Karen, Kristin, David, Chuck, Me & George
In this picture we are visiting the Olympic Training Center and yes David, Chuck & George matched for the second day in a row!

We love our USA
Our visit to the Air Force Academy, so beautiful!

And, our baby who obviously got into the toilet paper. He is getting so mischievous and he knows it/loves it!


Beth said...

Jason attended the air force academy for 1 semester in an exchange program. We got to visit there later. It's a pretty place. =)

the kicker is... said...

oh my gosh, how many of us have ever had this scene in our homes? Adorable!


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