Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I love my Black Hills Beauties.

This weekend I took Friday off of work and visited my friends in Rapid City!  It was so much fun to spend time with Polly especially.  On Friday we basically talked all day long and just caught up on life and reconnected.  She is 8 months pregnant so it was very fun to hear about her new little one on the way and see all the fun things she's acquired while waiting!
Here's the only picture I got of her belly.  She is looking so beautiful and feeling healthy and ready for baby Aliyah!
This picture is really funny and we all have double chins but I couldn't exclude it :-))
8 years as friends and God is to thank for that!
Polly & Jeremy and then in the background Polly's parents Chuck & Karla!
We also visited Tica's house (Polly's sister) and played with all 6 of her babies!  I especially enjoyed Wyatt sleeping on me while Lloyd cuddled on the couch and Caleb played with Star Wars figures.  What a fun time and I love my life!

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