Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sigur Ros at the Red Rock Amphitheater

On Saturday, Kelly and I went to see Sigur Ros at the Red Rock Amphitheater in Denver. It was a band that we have wanted to see for a long time...at possibly the coolest place to see a concert (it's a natural, outdoor amphitheater...see link for venue). Sigur Ros is from Iceland. They've created their own language (called hopelandic) and their songs are, well, eclectic and interesting. Click here for a link to a music video. I would encourage all who are reading this to check their music out.

The concert was fun, but not my favorite. Its hard to sing to music that doesn't have real lyrics. Plus, the music is more melodramatic, as opposed to music you can dance to, which makes concerts a little less fun. But, we did get to people-watch a bunch of hippies and weed smokers ....so that was fun. Here are a few pics from the show:

The amphitheater from a distance.
Goofing off before the concert.


Terri said...

I love that you made this your main photo. so cute!

David and Bethany said...

We love Red Rocks! We saw President Bush speak there during the '04 campaign...hard to believe that was 4 years ago! :) It's such an awesome place!

Tall Pants said...

Wow. Sigur Ros...Red Rocks. Can I be you?

Miss you.


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