Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Wonderful Week!

Two weeks ago David traveled for work and I was BLESSED to fly to MN and see my family! I LOVED every minute of being with them and I think they enjoyed having Norah and me too :) A few really special things went on while we were in town and we're so glad to have been a part of it all.
AJ was the first one we got to surprise! He just walked in from work and he was THRILLED!! It was so fun.
This was so cute, Norah kept looking over Kim's arm at Nathan whenever he talked. I had to snap a pic of that cuteness.
Norah sporting the outfit Nathan got her... he's trying to pass on the cheese head thing to Norah. She looks good in yellow though.
Norah enjoying time with uncle Aaron!
Out to lunch with Nana and Kim! Another fun day in MN with amazing women.
So the BIG deal thing that happened was... Nathan and Kim got engaged!!!!! Yeah!!!!! I am so thrilled that I got to be home for the engagement announcement!!!!!! It just happened to be the same week I got my random standby ticket, God is good. We love Nathan already and are so excited to be blessed by watching Kim fall in love with him. It's so exciting and really rejuvenating to watch a couple fall in love, especially when you see them doing it in step with the Lord. I respect Nathan for the way he's "courted" Kim and how he's been cautious as they've been dating. Again, we are so blessed to get him in our family. The other side of it comes with a few tears... Kim is growing up, she's moving out (finally right mom?! :) just kidding... and she's going to be a wife!! Can't wait for the wedding this coming summer/fall! Congrats Kim & Nathan, we love you guys.
And... I love these two amazing parents.
My dad got back from a mission trip in Guatemala while Norah and I were in town! It was fun to surprise him when he arrived back to the states. Thanks for sharing about your experiences Dad and for serving those girls in Guatemala.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Kim and Nathan! That is great news about your engagement. Enjoy the journey of planning your special day. Love, Chuck and Karen


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