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christmas & new years 2011.

We have been truly blessed this Christmas season with a lot of quiet family time here at home.  It's been tough to be away from our family this but we are so overly blessed to have BOTH our girls home this year!!  I'll give you a little recap of our time during these past two weeks.

Christmas Eve was a beautiful mix of chilling in our pj's and sippin' on some kaffee... and, getting out and about in Strasbourg, France!
We drove the 2 hours to visit the Christmas market in Strasbourg and loved the whole experience. We ate crepes, candy, pretzels and pizza on a baguette :)
Norah and me in front of the beautiful cathedral in the main square of the market.
Just an interesting tree that we saw every where in the city and these cute little stoplights for the pedestrians :)
Christmas day was another beautiful hit! We spent much of our day relaxing and eating. David prepared a mini feast for breakfast and then we had butternut squash soup for lunch and buffalo chicken sandwiches and cous cous salad for dinner.  What day of feasting! We gave the girls Happy Feet for Christmas and watched it midday for a break from our good food :)
After breakfast we had a few presents - really only two from us to the girls, a movie and a flashlight and I made Norah this apron since she loves helping in the kitchen these days!
We even caught some sisterly love on camera :)
The day after Christmas we were busy baking and cleaning!  David's parents arrived on the 28th and it has been so much fun to have them here.  We have been very much looking forward to having guests and showing our place to someone special.  They've definitely been spoiling the girls, as all grandparents should now and again, and making us feel just as special in the meantime!
Directly after arriving and getting reacquainted with the girls, present and cookies were on the docket!

The girls are enthralled by the little finger puppets Grandma brought them.
The girl loves her chocolate - so unlike me!
Two of the days and nights Karen & Chuck have been here we ventured to Munich.  It was a wet cold city this week but still beautiful and fun to experience.
Norah & Grandma enjoying the worlds largest cuckoo clock in downtown Munich
Just beyond me is the cuckoo clock in the tall tower - the figures dance and move around
Lovin' on Grandpa
On the way home home from Munich we took a few hours to explore Dachua concentration camp.  They have a very thorough museum of the camp and even a 20 minute video to help understand the history.  It was the first concentration camp in Germany and was in use 51 days after Hitler  took power.  This camp is not as large as some of the other camps but it is estimated that 200,000 prisoners lived there during the time it was open.  Having had crematoriums and one gas chamber (but never was used) they camp saw 31,351 deaths recorded (more that are unknown).

It was so moving to be there and to learn more about the war and the camps.  It is hard to process it all when you are there, standing on the ground that holds so many awful memories -- and we didn't have nearly enough time to take in all the information the large museum had to offer. 
This beautifully disturbing art is a center piece in the roll call area depicting many of the bodies of prisoners piled on top of each other awaiting cremation.

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ckm. said...

Drew & I spent a few hours at Dachau last spring - incredibly moving. The sisterly love shots are a wonderful testament to the love you shower on both your girls, that Norah can pass it on to her sister already :). Hope you are enjoying Germany!


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