Sunday, January 22, 2012

tidbits of life.

Norah is truly a hoot these days :)  Here are few of the funniest things she's done...
Boogers. Yep, she picks her nose. Probably no big surprise to anyone really but... she really is such a polite kid and likes to be clean-or rather I think we've made it clear that being clean is important. So, when she picks her nose she always holds her boogers out and says, "Booger Mommy/Daddy " (meaning please take this slimy or sometimes crusty thing from me please).  A few weeks ago in the car she says, "Mommy look, booger!" I say, "thanks Babe" which is my usual response and then proceed to take the booger (with a kleenex most times:)... she in-turn tries to keep the booger for some odd reason!  So I make sure to get it from her and then she starts to SCREAM "Booger! No Mommy, booger please booger please..." TOO funny!  We were in the front seat laughing so hard, what kid screams because they want their booger back? Gross - and so not what we taught her!
Moddy. David. Kelly.  For quite some time now Norah has been calling David "Moddy" when I'm around - not always but maybe 1/3 of the time. I think she says Mommy more than Daddy and realizes halfway through and ends up calling him Moddy. It's really cute because at the same time she's realizing she's saying the wrong name she looks at me and smiles and then hugs David like she's sorry.

When David's parents came to visit Norah heard me being called Kelly instead of Babe, which is what David usually calls me.  She started randomly saying, "Hi Kelly!" and I am shocked every time and just laugh.  She knows it gets a laugh so it probably encourages it more :)  So this morning she was calling me Kelly over and over again and so I tell her that Daddy's name is David!  So she said, "Oh, hi Moddy David!" and we laugh and laugh!  Basically all day she's been calling us Kelly & David and it's so stinkin' weird.  Okay one more thing on this - during her "nap" where she didn't sleep she was talking to herself but said a few times "I love you Daddy David. I love you Mommy Kelly." I LOVE when she makes us laugh, it's the best.

Is it a big one?  Last silly thing, for now. I have an idea where this came from (my big mouth) but not quite sure... lately if we change Norah's dirty diaper (poo) or when she gives us a booger she says, "Is it a big one?!" Like she's proud if it is indeed a big one. Oh how I love the innocence.  Love it to death.
What else... well, you know my girls are the best but they both seem to be a little hormonal lately (*read* emotional and dramatic). I'm not sure that will likely change, in the near (if ever) future. I do however love the expressiveness on the other side of things when it's screaming with delight or fake laughing so loud it's ugly!
The drama is almost palpable. It's a fake cry by the way.

We've been trying to be very social lately and meeting more and more people, adults and kids. Every time we leave a place with kiddos Norah says over and over, "Bye friends! Bye friends!" It actually has made me cry a few times because she used to say "Bye (insert friends name)" but since she doesn't really know the kiddos yet and is seeing so many new ones all the time it's just "friends".
They are so happy to have each other, God is good.
For my birthday (almost two weeks ago) I went out to the city ALONE! Yes, I cried when David told me I had to go because honestly, I like my people (which at the moment is our little family). But, I did go and had a few HOURS to walk around Kaiserslatern and try to shop (I'm not very good at it), sit and read at a coffee shop and then after arriving home David tells me a massage is booked for me. Sweet husband right?! I'm blessed.  In Germany it seems a lot of businesses are run out of people's home - maybe because gas prices are so high (around $8)?  My massage was in the next village over at a lady's house and it was very tastefully done. I mean, it was no spa but it was clean and relaxing - thanks again David for the adventure!
This is the face Evelyn makes when she likes what she's eating and she's ready for more. So funny!
Happier by the day is our little 18 month old :)
There isn't much else to report here. It's been gloomy weather with a few days of unexpected sunshine but pretty continuous rain.  David had the privilege to travel to Portugal for his job this last week and me and the girls did our at home thang.
All the girls in our aprons!

Oh in other very very exciting news... I am sew (haha) excited to announce I'm signed up for a sewing class!  10 weeks for me to learn and sew---every week!! I cannot wait till it starts in February!  Here's a few fun little projects I've done lately - nothing too complicated. I recovered our couch pillows, so much cuter and cleaner! And, I made a few dolly diapers which Norah loves.


Cindy said...

Making diapers is a fantastic idea! Woot!

stef said...

your girls are so pretty!

Kimberly said...

Really loved this post. Mom read it to us yesterday while we were there and she laughed so hard! It was even better when she read it :) I am sure you can imagine, love our mom. Thanks for sharing with us we enjoy all the updates we can get!

Amy and Jonathan Hook said...

Love the tidbits of randomness. Love the pictures and the fact you're sewing!! Wish I could say the same thing ;). LOVE YOU!! P.S. Clara made her 1st snowman yesterday and named her Norah!

carly said...

i love seeing the pictures of the girls kelly, puts a smile on my face. :) love you guys!!


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