Tuesday, April 17, 2012


We had a blessed Easter Sunday last week where we reflected on Christs' sacrifice for us with our church and enjoyed down time in our beautiful village.

Nothing too exciting to report. We went to the church service (where there was no childcare, what?!) and left immediately to beat the crowd of cars & people.  We stopped at a local restaurant and enjoyed white asparagus soup (white asparagus is in season here and very popular), salmon and schnitzel.  The girls were wonderful little guests as well :)

After naps we explored a newfound walking path in our village. 
Ate dinner where Evelyn is loving feeding herself!
 Got out the easter basket...  And then skyped family! 
Here are the girls enjoying their first candy necklaces the following day.  Evelyn ate hers all at once and begged for more while Norah made hers last all day - it's fun to see the differences between the girls.


jeremybecca said...

Happy Easter!! We are looking forward to celebrating with you guys next year! See you in 89 days :-D

Amy and Jonathan Hook said...

Love the new pictures - and that you found a new walking trail. Yay! And I have to say, I wish I was more like Norah but I'm definitely more like Miss Evelyn when it comes to sweets. ;)


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