Sunday, April 22, 2012

norah 2.5.

Even though I get to post as many pictures as I want on here of the girls I love counting the milestones as they grow.  Norah is 2.5 years old!  I honestly love her more than I ever thought possible and cry sometimes with the overwhelming amount of deep love I have for her (it scares me).  Our family is so blessed out to have Norah as an addition!  What a little charmer, silly goose, crazy lady, fake crying, cuddly bundle of joy she is.  She is also a great camera poser/smiler - here she is playing the back yard - one of her favorite things to do these days.
Both girls were in stellar moods last week at breakfast so I whipped out the video camera and caught some of that goodness on tape.  The thing that's driving me nutso is that the end of the editing got messed up so just ignore that last word banner :)

And, a potty update on Norah.  I would say she's potty trained but... things have been a little back and forth at times.  She knows what to do and when to do it but, getting her to decide that's more important than going in her pants and continuing down the slide at the park is another story :)  Also, poor Nors went from having a double ear infection and on antibiotics to the ER with a UTI and onto more antibiotics and now we're not sure she's even better so... going hasn't been her favorite thing since it's been a little painful for her. My poor baby.

During her naps I've been experimenting about what to do with a semi potty trained kid.  I tried for a few days to not put her a diaper and well, she wasn't ready for that.  Then I moved to diaper on with duck tape around her waste, she got the diaper off and continued to wet the bed so the newest and most effective thing has been... diaper on backwards and duck tape a onesie on!  I know, complicated but it works.  In the below picture I tried for the diaper on forward and she got it off but kept that onesie on... silly silly.
And finally... our big girl is sleeping all night in her big girl bed!  Woohoo.  Now, to get her to to stay in the bed during naps is another saga we'll battle for a while (so, she's napping in the crib and sleeping at night in the bed).  Here she is on her first night before bed.  She did awesome and loves the big girl bed.  When she wakes up in the morning I just hear her knocking on the door usually and sometimes saying Mommy? or Daddy?  It's obviously adorable.


carly said...

2.5?! SO crazy! i love getting to hear more about what she is doing right now. :) Wish we could see her (and the rest of you!!)

Kimberly said...

Such cute kids! Love hearing both of their voices and seeing pics. Thanks Kel!


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