Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Blessings come in forms of family time, days off, visits from loved ones and weekends away with our spouse!  David's mom was gracious enough to fly here with the intention of watching our girls so we could get away and take a few days off!  Since my anxiety/depression came full out when we were in the States in May, David and I have needed help. I finally felt healthy enough to leave the house for a few days - praise God!  Since we live so close to such beauty we found a wellness hotel (popular here) about 4 hours drive from our home.  It was basically a hotel that takes care of you with three healthy meals (lots of options), pools and many different saunas.  It was a dreamy place that we hope to return to again!
 A beautiful shot by one of thousands of vines on our drive.  We do live in wine country here!
 God is so creative and the sights of Austria are some of our favorite.
 Reading in the room with champagne and tea :)  Love relaxing with my man.
 Having fun with the view from our deck and our new camera.
Here are three of the pools - one cold one down below is more like a pond, a saltwater whirlpool straight above that and the farthest one was also a saltwater pool but not so hot.  It's been so fun and interesting to see how the Europeans relax and get healthy. It really works well for us.
David fell asleep many times in these comfy chairs - I chose to read and reflect more on life and the beauty here.
 Back in Germany we finally captured the girls with Grandma!
 Evelyn had a great time with Grandma but a hard time adjusting to life back with Dad & Mom!
Before we left town we spent two days with Karen and took her to our favorite pool and to pick some flowers.  In the pictures below you can see that flower field.  This is typical here and you just pay on the honor system by putting coins in a cup and there is a little bucket of knives to go cut your flowers - what fun!

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Amy Hook said...

What an awesome getaway. Im so glad you got away just the two of you! Absolutely breathtaking pictures!


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