Thursday, September 6, 2012

pool hopin' summer.

We've been so blessed by the beautiful weather here in Germany the last few weeks and have taken full advantage of getting out and exploring and enjoying the sunshine while it lasts... we know the rain is coming sometime... :(

The Germans really love swimming - or maybe its they know too the summer days are short and they need to make sure there's a pool in just about every other village to cover the amount of people needing to swim and soak in the sun!  Either way, it's so much fun to pool hop!
 Enjoying the "lazy river" section that is perfect for little kiddos.
 You can click on the picture to make it bigger but there's a slide, a diving board far back, and then a big swim area and the little river and smaller kid pools that you can't quite see (they are to the right of the picture). 
 Ellah & Norah enjoying some swim time together.
 Soaking in the sun and snuggles with Daddy :)
We've made it to maybe three or four pools in the 25 min surrounding area but haven't hit them all.  I took some pictures at one of our favorites a few weeks ago on a Saturday.  Oh and by the way, in Germany, no lifeguards - swim at your own risk!  Many many things here you do at your own risk. If you're willing to let your two year old jump in then you better be there to watch him or her (it's called parenting).  Anyway, I enjoy the freedom of the German ways and the "at your own risk" most of the time but othertimes I like structure and instruction - like tell me, should my child be going down this alpine slide on my lap or is she too young?! You get the idea.

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