Wednesday, November 21, 2012

visitors & berlin.

Chuck & Karen were able to visit us again and bless us with their company and give us a night from the girls.  It's so nice to get a break for a day here and there.  Since they've been here before it was fun to explore a few new things with them.  We generally got out and about and then relaxed and then started that cycle again--it was great!
Evelyn is so comfortable in her skin these days and trying new things often.  She even let Grandpa jump with her on the trampoline at the park!  She's so brave.
Norah is brave too -- always ready to try the newest items at the park here. She's totally into the zip line here.

We took the train to Berlin and "only" had to transfer 6 times!  It was a beautiful city with (again) so much (recent) history.  Seeing the Berlin Wall and learning more about the history was really fascinating.  The first day there we did a hop on hop off bus tour with 20 stops.  Anytime you wanted during the tour (it was also audio guided) you could hop off and explore and another bus would come every 15 min. Great concept for touring in a big city.  We hopped off a few times to explore some sights. Berlin offered beautiful architecture that is fairly new (since majority of the buildings were destroyed in the war) and unique outdoor "museums" for tourist to read personal stories about the Wall and what people as well as soldiers were going through during those years of separation.

The second day we went back to highlights from the day before to see more detail and get a better feel for the city.  We were blessed to have rented a very relaxing apartment for our time there and took the train to get places in-between.  I would highly suggest Berlin to anyone who is thinking of going - lots of beautiful new architecture and again history!
A great family photo infront of Brandenburg Gate - although our camera stopped working on the way to Berlin so it's a little grainy due to an emailed photo.
Behind where we're resting is part of a free museum where parts of the Wall still stands.  In front of the wall there are frames of stories and how the Berlin Wall came about and how it came down.
The whole gang :)

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