Friday, November 30, 2012

wine country, reisling style.

A few weeks ago we had the privilege to help pick grapes at a (semi) local vineyard.  Our region here, Rhineland Phalz, is part of wine country and particularly known for Riesling wine.  It was a fun experience and a great way for kids to help and get energy out.

After we helped pick a lot of grapes for the family that owns the vineyard, we got to learn and see more of the wine making process.  Another neat experience to hang onto for our family.  They also fed us a generous german meal for helping, delish!
Up and down the rows and grapes... yummmm :)
The girls were such great helpers!
The batch our group picked which equals out to over 1,000 bottles of wine!

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~Sue said...

Beautiful photos! What delightful memories you are making in Germany.


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