Sunday, December 16, 2012

filling our tanks.

We were very blessed in fall to have our very own Taylor Reunion, European style!  One of David's floor mates at Taylor University and his lovely wife are missionaries in France.  They came over to our neck of the woods for a few days of R&R.  We had a blast reconnecting with them, meeting their two beautiful sons and sharing the joys/sorrows/frustrations/excitement of living in Europe.

The Shorb's trip happened to coincide with Halloween.  Neither of our families are huge Halloweeners, but we hit up the base for some free candy just to experience it all.  A few observations: kids wear some scary costumes (and our kiddos certainly shed a few fearful tears---what a strange "celebration"); David looked really good dressed up as an Airman, me as a cowgirl; and Norah and Evelyn are cute princesses everyday of the year, but especially on Halloween when they don't cost any more to dress up.
 At least Rupunzel was there to soften the scary for Norah!  What a great outfit!

Living in the biggest community of Americans outside of the US, it was nice to be able to bring the Shorbs to "little America" on base.  However, we ventured out into the German countryside and went to a wild park where there are moose, deer, all kinds of birds of prey, pony's and peacocks!  Here is Norah feeding a donkey.
Norah's new boyfriend, Kayden.
The goats that live where the kids park was :)
The moose, taking a break from their mating -- which we saw some of... quite strange and exciting.
Trying to get Norah to feed the eager deer.
Our beautiful friends.
Wrigley taking the cute couple on a walk :)

Thanks for visiting friends and we hope to see you very soon!

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Amy Hook said...

What a fun "Taylor Reunion" - who would've thought you'd reconnect with friends so far away! I love the Halloween family pictures especially. :)


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