Wednesday, December 19, 2012

(eating our way through) bruge, belguim.

Bruge, Belgium is just about a 4 hour drive from our house so we took advantage of a long weekend to get away.  The four of us had a delicious time eating our way through Bruge and relaxing a lot, too. We rented a cute little flat in the city center and just took our sweet time to see the main shopping and touristy areas.
We always start our mornings off with pastries and kaffee or cappuccinos. We don't understand when friends here in Germany complain and say they miss Starbucks when there is some of the most amazing coffee surrounding us... even in our neighbors' homes!
 A windy picture of me in the main town square :)
 We loved the architecture in the city--this was the big clock tower in town.
 Two of my loves during a canal tour we did through the city.
There were lots of horse drawn carriages through the cobblestone streets. I think mostly for tourists getting tours but it was beautiful to see and hear the horses "clip clops" through the streets.  Can you see the character in the buildings?!  So beautiful.
Bruge is famously known throughout the world for their hot chocolate, waffles and for being the birth place of french (or should I say Belgian) fries - and Belgium is known for good beer with quite high alcohol content (10-12%).  So, the above picture is David about to pore the liquid chocolate into the steamed milk to make the hot chocolate - so amazing!
On a tour of the only brewery in town.  It was also a historical monument and one of the higher points in the city with a great view, even though it was raining.
This is a cute bouquet outside of our flat - all crocheted or knitted flowers :)  I took it as I thought of my mom but really it's just cute and there are so many artistic one of a kind things like this around Europe.
 Walking to dinner down a dark alley... some of the best finds are down those dark alley's!
 Snuggles and dress up time at the flat.
Again, love the architecture... and the random lady. The fabulous peaked homes and buildings were really beautiful to see all in a row.  Many of the buildings were from different time periods too which made it all the more unique.
 More famous hot chocolate and a pink cupcake like Pinkalicious :)
Famous fries... oh such a healthy weekend.

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