Wednesday, January 2, 2013

mid-december happenings/happiness.

To kick off the first half of December we hit up a few Christmas parties... and even got one decent picture of the two of us, I like it!  We had a great meal with some of David's co-workers at Kusel Castle that evening.
The girlies posing for me because I made Norah's skirt from fabric my Grandma gave me, and Evelyn's wearing a shirt my cousin Kyleen gave me... special clothes :)

Each day of December until Christmas our village does an Advent window.  A family volunteer's to host each day and they decorate one window and light it up at 6:30pm usually with a poem (which we cannot understand) and/or musik and then serve cookies and beverages - gluhwein is the top choice, yum!  This was the only picture I got but it shows how many people come each night, it's so fun to see your neighbor's out and talk with them for the annual event.  We are considering joining in the lighting next year.  After the lighting then they opened up their garage and had tables and lots of treats at this house. You can see my Dad holding Norah as they eagerly await the lighting.
So, my parents came for Christmas!  What a major blessing!!  Everyone was taking in the beautiful tree and too many gifts for the little chicas :)
We took a night away back to Rothenburg for their beautiful Christmas markt.  Here are a few beautiful pictures us enjoying, bratwurst, bakerie, and the beautiful decor of Rothenberg at Christmas time.
My parents are so fun!
  K├Ąthe Wohlfahrt stores/truck.
 LOTS of meat to choose from in Germany!

 I have to say, one of the things I've come to love here is the Apotheke (pharmacies).  The pharmacists that work in them are so helpful and always have the most natural options for healthcare. I love it.  When we were in Rothenburg a few of us came down with a nasty cough so we stopped at the local apotheke and chatted with this darling man and he hooked us up with some great cough drops, even for the kids!
 German stores and homes decorated with Christmas gear, beautiful.
 The girlies playing.
A very German thing to do is window decor, especially in the villages.  Since there is virtually no yard the windo eansamble is very important and usually beautiful... inside and out.  These are winter flowers that last throughout the cold and then in the back you see the orchids peaking through (VERY popular here, we only have 5 in our house!)
 Famous intersection in Rothenburg oh der Tauber, beautiful December weather too!
 One last family pic... Frohe Weihnachten!


Anonymous said...

To bad pictures can't let others know how much giggling, hugging, laughing and loving we all did when we were in Germany!

stef said...

Christmas in Germany seems so magical!

and haha it's awesome that you took a pic with the pharmacist

~Sue said...

Great that you posted this-- recalling December in March is wonderful!


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