Saturday, January 5, 2013

CHRISTmas & happy new year. switzerland.

We were blessed to have my parents here for Christmas!  As the girls get older it becomes more fun to watch them absorb the meaning behind things. They ask so many questions and take things seriously (for about a second) and then, poof, they're onto the next adventure.  Here's a few shots from our relaxing Christmas morning...
So many blessings under our tree!

The girls got a few movies for Christmas - all the chicks had to sit and enjoy!
Books and new slippers from Papa for Christmas.

Following Christmas we headed to Switzerland to celebrate New Years. On the way to our Swiss adventure we stopped in Strasbourg, France to enjoy the Christmas market still in full swing.
I love the cathedral in Strasbourg.
We spent a night Triberg, Germany where there was a huge light display and fireworks.  The lighted area was stunning and amidst the lights were fire pits, a waterfall and even a live choir singing gospel musik.  We didn't enter the park until everyone was leaving (the cover charge was too much for us!)...this gave us the advantage of having the area to ourselves for the last 30 min!
Once we were in Switzerland we relaxed at the apartment, skied for a day, had fondue, went for a hike and played a lot of 500 (a card game my parents taught us).

My wonderful parents.
Toward the end of this hike my dad and I had a very intimate conversation about life and death. I was able to talk to him about how much I love him and appreciate him in my life - this last year has taught me a lot about having a loose grip on this life but taking full advantage of what we do have in the now. I will always fondly remember this special time with Dad, you are cherished.
Switzerland is known for fondue, it's so cheesy and rich!
A view of the cool restaurant, cow bells and all :)
What it really looks like to travel as a family of four... all in one room. Not our favorite part of travelling but we can't complain too much - the girls are so adaptable.
A stunning drive from Germany to the alps.
The view from our apartment, not bad!
Reading books with Papa, the girls are so in love!
Quiet time in her tent. One of our favorite purchases to date!
Mom did a lot of knitting on the long road trip.
The way Norah falls asleep needs to be documented - here's segment number one, cute!

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stef said...

I've always wanted to go to Switzerland, what fun!


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