Monday, March 4, 2013

january/february fun.

David was TDY in Alabama for two months (hence the lack of blog updating given my full time single-mom duties).  I was blessed, though, to have my mom extend her stay for a week and David's mom was able to fly over for a week!  
Blessed to have a good German neighbor for a friend. She made us a chocolate German cake and spent some time chatting and getting to know my parents.  Thanks Tamara!
Matching dresses for the girls!
Playing with the homemade ergo baby carriers I made them for Christmas!
Norah's new "big girl" chair.
I had a great day on my 30th (besides missing David). We caught the bakery truck and had a picnic inside, we reorganized the living room, had our friends over for pizza & cake and then my mom taught me how to knit (a new hobbie)!
Shopping with the girls and buying gifts for Daddy

Always dressing up and having fun.
David organized a surprise birthday dinner with my girlsfriends here in Germany at our favorite local restaurant.  It was such a blessing to have a handful of friends together for dinner and feel loved from afar by my man! (from L to R: Jessica, Diana, Kristina, Amy, me, Erica, Sarah, Corrine)
Norah reading her Bible in her reading area behind the couch.
Me and the girls were SO happy to have Karen visit us during David's 8 weeks away - we laughed and talked, cooked and I ran A LOT of errands.  What a blessing to have such a supportive mother-in-law.
For Christmas David's parents gave the girls a really fun doll house, when Karen came we were able to give it to them so she could watch how thrilled the girls were.  I only got this shot and some terrible video snippets.
MIL love :)
Chatting on the phone with Daddy!  Doesn't she look like a bit of a Diva?
Kisses for Mama, my favorite.


Stephen said...

I love the updates!

stef said...

so glad to see an update! your girls are growing so beautifully!


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