Tuesday, April 30, 2013

the netherlands, women's retreat.

I had the privilege to attend the International Baptist Convention retreat!  It sounds all huge and fancy but it was small (200 women), personal and busy!  Our church teamed up with another nearby church to bus to the Netherlands (saw my first real wind meal), about a 9 hour bus ride.  We sang songs, played games and mostly just chatted on the way there.  It was such a joy to have a few of my girl friends along and then to meet some new fun ladies.

On the retreat we had Denise Glenn as a speaker and learned more about being the bride of Christ. She paralleled the Jewish traditions of marriage to what Jesus said about us being his bride, it was so neat to learn about those traditional things the Jews did/do as they married.

We were able to also do a bit of site seeing.  We visited the tulip fields and gardens at Keukenhof (world's largest flower garden) and also toured Corrie Ten Boom's home.  What a legacy she has left behind of loving others in need.
Lidia and Jessica at the begining of the flower gardens!  So Dutch :)
Me and my roommate, Natalie
Most of the ladies from our church: me, Lisa, Lidia, Jessica, Tara, Dorrie and Natalie
I was stunned by how tall many of the tulips were, higher than my waist!  So beautiful.
This is a picture of Corrie's room. It's a famous room where she did a lot of underground work to help the elderly and Jewish people during WWII.  Where the hole is the wall is her bed was, the people could access the hiding place from below the linens through a trap door. During one of the final invasions of her house there were 6 people hiding back there!  It's pretty small.
A vendor stand near Corrie Ten Boom's house with lots of nuts and dried fruits.
Many many bikes in this city. Watch out, they will run you over if you're in the bike lane!

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