Wednesday, May 15, 2013

life is grand, in small ways.

Putting the girls to bed is one of the many small joys of parenthood. Sometimes is a quick, get them in there and give me a break but most times it's a nice thing to spend some down time together reading, singing and praying.  Evelyn is usually in bed first so there's a chance for us to both be a little silly with just Norah.  She loves the attention :)
Just hanging out before bed on Norah's couch!
Our stunning tree is in bloom for about 3 weeks a year and we soak it in!!
She's a bit of a climber, did I mention that before?! I think so.
And, happy mother's day to me!  "The girls" made me breakfast in bed and were so happy to help me eat it.  I am one blessed mama to my sweet girls.  Thank you David for making me feel served and loved on Mother's day and so many days in-between!

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