Monday, May 27, 2013

saturday's with friends.

We have been so blessed the last year to share life with the Gehman's. Jeremy & Becca were the first people we met when we moved to Colorado Spring back in 2008!  When they arrived last year they diligently looked for a place to live and we all prayed it would be near to ours. It's been so wonderful having someone you know and trust just a village awy!  Our kids get along great and we try to spend time doing life together.  On Saturday we took a walk through their village and a field.  Here are some of the sites...
 Even if the German's don't have a front yard, they make the sidewalk pretty!
 Trinity and Norah, kindred spirits.
 The Gehman family with their village in the back!
S'mores in the back yard afterward... one of the kids favorite things!

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