Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Swiss Camping.

Our summer is full of family and friends visiting but before all our adventures with them, we chose to take some time as just a family of four!  We drove about five hours to this stunning "camp" site in Switzerland!  Of course, I have pictures to document some of our views and adventures of our own.
Okay, I know this is odd but this was the nicest rest area I've ever seen... and let me tell you, I've seen more than a few WC's around Europe!  The toilet seat comes down when you're on it and when you stand up (if you sit) the seat goes up and the toilet automaticly flushes.  Toward the side you wash your hands (no touching though!) and the water and soap just fall right into the bowl too.  Genius.  One more thing, no paper towels here, so there's a hand drier there too!  I just love it.  Now, why does anyone (me) get so excited about a silly toilet!?  I guess traveling a lot makes you appreciate well thought-out WC's.  I do also like the WC's here in Germany, you pay to get in and as you leave you get a ticket back toward a purchase. I'd rather pay 25 cents for a clean and safe toilet stop.
The Alps!  The mobile home we stayed in is at the bottom of the picture. Pure, luxery camping for only $60/night.
Our cutie in the ergo.
Our cutie in the ergo post face first mud fall!  Oops.
It was dark when we arrived and when we woke up, out the window was a waterfall! This rock wall was what we saw from the window. 
Swiss cheese from a Swiss cow. Moooooooo...
The majority of the day on Saturday we walked a few miles to a water fall/gorge and soaked in all the beauty. Thank you Lord!
Another common site around the farms where we live: A solar panel to give the electricity for the fence.  Again, so smart are these Europeans!
Fondue fix :)
The European Cemetaryies are mostly beautiful.  This location and the very old plots that were there really captured me.  The earliest plot I fond was around 1920.

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