Thursday, December 6, 2007

Environmentally Friendly?

So... you might all think I'm a total weirdo but I'll share anyway! David and I have been talking a lot since this past summer about going green (thanks to Loralee's encouragement!). I've been brainstorming ways to ease into this idea and to do things that really wouldn't make our lives too difficult. Now, I know that's terrible but it's the truth as of now so that's the way it is!

Now, here's the weird thing. I've been thinking about and researching using cloth diapers for whenever it is we end up having kids! It has fun researching diapers :-) What I found were some really great resources on cloth diapers, and let me tell you mature mothers, cloth diapers have come a long way! They now come in fleece and have snaps and you reuse the fleece part and simply wash the insert where the dirty stuff goes!

Today, on my lunch break, I found these awesome diapers! gDiapers are fashionable and environmentally friendly. These also have inserts that you stuff in the liner and once the insert is soiled you can flush it, throw it in the garbage or put it in your garden and it will disintegrate since it's biodegatable! How cool is that? They come in super cute colors and are free from any plastics which is why it's so great. Watch this video for a look at the disintegration process!

What do you think!? Any feedback?


Beth said...

Interesting... Definitely costs alot more than regular diapers.

David & Bethany Rinn said...

I think it's AWESOME! We totally want to cloth diaper our kids whenever we have them...if you have more than 1 child and can reuse them, it's TOTALLY worth the investment. Plus, there's something just so ADORABLE about a baby with cloth diapers on...I can't wait! ;)

Loralee said...

Well of course you know how I feel!:) Just think about all those regular diapers piling up in landfills! I think it's absolutely worth the investment. It would obviously be more work, but knowing you were making a difference is so rewarding. I'd love to see little Blomgrens running around in cloth diapers.

ashley said...

i've decided to use cloth diapers as well. interesting findings... also, one of our friends (whose due soon) is going to potty train ( their baby. i'm interested to see how it works out!

ps. if you are doing your research, does this mean you are planning to have kids soon?? =)


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