Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Jesus Camp

We both really like documentaries. We don't watch enough of them, so if any of you readers have suggestions, please tell.

One that we recently watched was Jesus Camp . It was indeed quite interesting, but also very disturbing at the same time. It follows a Pentecostal children's minister as she leads a group of young kids at a summer Bible camp. I'm not sure what the pastor's true heart is, but her methods of teaching her students about Jesus and His love is pretty absurd and quite political. These young children become very confused as they are repeatedly told how sinful they are and that they need to repent. Keep in mind, most of the kids in this documentary are around ten years old. Furthermore, they were told how sinful the government is but that George Bush is pretty much perfect. At one point, the church brings out a cut-out of the President and pray over him. I wonder if they did that for President Clinton. The directors emphasized how powerful the conservative religious right can be. Hopefully, viewers of this movie will understand that not all religious conservatives or Pentecostals are the same.

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