Sunday, December 9, 2007

Weekend Bliss!

Here we are in a winter wonderland!
Michelle & Michael on our walk!

For Thanksgiving we went up the Northern Wisconsin with the Blomgren's and had a great feast (thanks to Karen) and enjoyed each others company!
Last weekend David & I went up North, near Cross Lake, MN with Michael & Michelle.  We had a really great time bonding with them!  We played lots of games, read, talked and ate!  We were snowed in on Saturday and se we snuggled up in the cabin and played more games!
On Sunday when we got home we went to the Wild Hockey game.  We cheered them on with Aaron, Keith & Kristin!
Here are some fun pictures from all the events!
AJ & I at the Wild game!
David & Kristin going "Wild"!
Michelle & I enjoyed each other's company.
David playing in the snow in Wisconsin.
Kelly, Keith, Chuck, Karen & Kristin going for a winter walk!
Radar & me just for fun!


David & Bethany Rinn said...

Oh, I miss the Minnesota snow SO much!!! looks beautiful! My mom is flying up to MSP on Thursday, and I wish I could go with her!!!

Anonymous said...

Kelly and David,

Excellent job on your Christmas letter. It was really well done. Love, Mom and Dad B.

Tall Pants said...

Thanks for the Christmas card, crazy kids. Hope you're doing well. Merry Christmas.

Love yas.


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