Saturday, November 8, 2008

Boys Weekends.

Da boys.
A few weeks ago while I was on my wonderful Women at the Cross retreat Chuck & Keith (David's dad & our bro-in-law) came to visit for a boys weekend! They both flew out on Friday and then had to leave on Monday. I think they enjoyed their time here and saw as much of CO as they could during a long weekend. They were able to drive up Pike's Peak, hike, visit Manitou Springs, and relax! The one huge bummer was that David ended up working most of the time they were in town. He had a case on that Monday and was preparing most of the weekend. Here is the one and only picture they took! It is of Keith climbing some rocks during their hike.
PS - David won his case, and the one after that and I'm sure the one coming up this week will have the same outcome!
The following weekend we had another special guest! My brother AJ (Aaron)!!!! We had so much fun having him in town too. We went to an Avalanche hockey game in Denver, we went to down town CS, the boys played frisbee golf, and LOTS of video games! Here's a picture from the hockey game as they both contemplate who to cheer for!
AJ was so excited to meet Wrigley, and vise versa! AJ brought Wrigley a new bone to work on and it was the funniest thing because it was much bigger than anything Wrigs has had before.
And, they had fun together! I love this picture!

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