Saturday, November 22, 2008

My Job

So Kelly has been bugging me for weeks to blog about what I do at my job. Why? I'm not sure, because if you've seen the tv show JAG or have watched A Few Good Men, you know exactly what I do...because my job is just like that.

This last month has definitely been busy. I've been in court 4 times within the last 5 weeks, for a total of 7 long days in the courtroom. It's been great experience....experience I would never get in a law firm until I had been there 6 years. For those who don't know what I do, my job title is Chief of Adverse Actions, Chief of Preventive Law, Chief of Legal Assistance, and acting Chief of Civil Law. It sounds much more impressive than it actually is. Everyday is different, but most of my duties surround kicking people out of the AF. The process of doing a discharge board is very similar to a court-martial. We do our investigation, discovery, research, and then go to the board. If you walked into the boardroom, you wouldn't realize you were in a discharge board and not a court (the only real difference is that there are really relaxed rules of evidence).

My other duties include seeing clients daily for legal assistance....the majority of my clients come in for family law issues or landlord-tenant issues. I also do about 3 wills a week. The civil law side of my job includes a lot of random legal reviews. Every AF base is like a town with a police force (security forces) and a mayor (the wing commander). So, we deal with every type of issue a city would, from revoking people's driving privileges, to dealing with civilian labor law issues and environmental issues.

Once I get comfortable with my job, they'll give me a new one, because that's the way the AF operates. That's about it. Thanks for reading.


Amy said...


Stephen Becker said...

You sure are the Chief of a lot. I knew U of I was good for you.

Diane said...

Makes me proud to be related to you!


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