Monday, March 30, 2009

My Kick

So lately I've been going on kicks of different fruits and I just simply cannot imagine not loving the one I'm into at the time!

Right now I'm on this apple kick! I have loved apples my whole life but... the last few years, not so much. I would pass up an apple 9/10 times just because I didn't feel like it - unless, however it was a Honeycrisp apple which are of course the best apples in the world.

This time of year Honeycrisps are not in season, so I settle for the Braeburn apple (above). Yumm, this is one great apple! I don't even crave my Honeycrisp (see below) right now :-)
My last kick was for grapefruits! I would want one basically everyday, well at least every week day - yummm. Do you get on any silly kicks? I'm thankful mine aren't for Cheetos or Doritos, although those do sound tasty!

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