Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Steaks, Massage & a Ticket

It's been a crazy life since we've been bad at posting. Sorry for all the delays. There is so much to say so I'll start with my weekend and then we'll work back from there!
I went on a retreat called Women At The Cross and was able to help staff! It was an amazing weekend filled with God's beautiful work in the women's lives. I loved the weekend but it was very exhausting! I left Thursday evening and returned around 7 last night.
Shortly after I arrived home I was greeted by my man who had spent the day skiing with a buddy. It was fun to fill him in on my weekend and soak in the gifts he had for me. He had cleaned most of the house while I was gone (yeah!) and he had planned a yummy meal for dinner. He cooked steaks, asparagus, and baby potatoes! Again, what a blessing my husband is to me. I love you Babe! After dinner I soaked in a bath to relax myself for a good nights sleep... aaaaahhh!
This morning David had set me up for a massage on my day off! I had a long weekend and he was so thoughtful to do that for me. On my way to the massage I took a different road than I ever have before and ended up speeding... in front of a cop! I was so upset because, I got my first ticket. I was feeling ashamed and felt like I needed the massage even more after that! So, I still went to the massage and enjoyed being pampered. That's pretty much it for my exciting today! I am waiting for David to get home so I can make him dinner!!!
Hope you all are well and we'll be posting more shortly!

1 comment:

Kim said...

OH what a great husband and a great wife!! Kel I am glad you got to relax and enjoy your day off from you work. Girl you deserve it! Love you both!


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