Saturday, May 30, 2009

MN Celebrations!

We are having a blast here in MN of course!  We have seen so many fun people and been so busy!!  We arrived on Wednesday and I got to have Caribou with (L to R) Jes, Mom, Kim, little Joy, Me, Dawn and Ky!  We had fun chatting and catching up but it's just never enough time!
Last night my parents had a farewell David, congrats on Baby Blom party/open house for us!  We we talking with our friends and family for about 5 hours straight and loved every minute of it!!!  We were so busy talking with the 50+ people that showed up we really didn't take any pictures.  The two that my mom took are above where Wrigley was so wiped out and below with some of our favorite people, Nate and Tiff!
Today we were able to visit Kim at her new job at the St. Paul Children's Hospital and enjoyed seeing her office and having lunch with her, Nathan and the family.
A blessing that's coming tomorrow... we got a call from the Robinsdale Women's Center.  They are training new volunteers on the ultra sound machine and want to use me as a test bunny!  They asked if I would volunteer to get an ultra sound tomorrow... Ummm, DUH!!  They guy teaching the sonographers has 20 years of experience and we will know the sex of BB TOMORROW!!!!!  Can't wait to share the good news with you guys!!  What a blessing of finding out the sex before David leaves and while we are with two of four grandparents!


Eryn said...

Yay!! Fun, Fun. So glad you get to share that special moment together!

David and Bethany said...

Oh, I am jealous of your Caribou--YUM! ;) I'm going to be in MN in 3 weeks, so I'll get my fill then. Also, I wanted to see if you were at graduation? I heard your sister announced, since we were there for my sister's graduation too! Always so fun to be back at TU! :)


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