Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pregnancy Brain?

On Sunday I went to find the milk for some cereal and I just couldn't find it! I called David into the kitchen to look (sometimes I just miss the most obvious things). He couldn't find it either, it was the weirdest thing! But then a few minutes later I decided I would just eat some dry cereal and I found the milk! I had put it in the pantry the day before!! Ewww. I unfortunately had to throw it out - look how full it was too! Oh well, it's one of those silly pregnancy brain fart things :)


Kelli J. said...

Yep, welcome to the club. Ben is almost three weeks old and I'm just now coming out of my brain fog. Now if I can just call my kids by their correct name on the first try I'll be golden! Happy Baby Thursday!!!!!


Terri said...

HA! That is one of the funniest things EVER. Once, I couldn't find my cottage cheese. It was under the sink with the cleaning products. WHAT?! And I wasn't pregnant ;P


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