Thursday, September 3, 2009

We LOVE the MN State Fair!!!!!!!

One major highlight from my trip back to the midwest was my visit to the MN State Fair with my family!!! So much fun!!!!
Planning our route for the morning :)
1 of 3 or 4 stops at the cheese curd stand... this makes mama oh so happy!!
The crowd! It looks so intimidating and crowded but it really wasn't bad. God bless the Senior Citizens/Kids day. Once we found out it was Senior Citizen/Kids day we were worried but all the old and young treated us well :) It probably helped having one in our group (my dad! :))
Another must is the French Fry stand
Papa Bear

I was a little worried about lasting the whole day at the Fair but... God is good! I kept up with everyone (for the most part) for the whole 11 hour day. I did have a little waddle at the end of the day, sore pregnant feet.


Rebekah Wallace said...

great pics Kel! I am loving keeping up with your pregnancy via blog and it feels like it is going so quickly...wonder if it feels that way to you. love you!

Emily said...

Oh Kel, how I LOVE cheese curds. That is reason enough to last 11 hours at the state fair:) You look beautiful, soon-to-be-mama!

Kim said...

OH Let's go back! David needs to come next time. Mmm...already can't wait...

Terri said...

So fun, Kel!

cassie said...

oh kelly, i miss your family!!! it looks like you guys had a blast:)! i'll put some new pictures of the house up soon (we bought the house we were already living in, but it's still time for updated pictures:))! can't WAIT to see pictures of new baby blomgren SOON:)!!


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