Thursday, October 1, 2009

Grandma Mae

Grandma Mae passed away last week after a long, well-lived life. She held on long enough to experience the miracles of Steve getting married and becoming a great-grandma (Norah "happened" to be born 5 weeks early, just in time for Grandma to see pictures and a video of her great-granddaughter). Her body had been failing the last year or two, but her mind was as sharp as ever. I could not have asked for a better Grandma. We had some really good times, whether it was at the cabin, at her house for Christmas, or having a coke with her after mowing her yard. She will be missed greatly by our family but we know she is in a much better place. We love you, Grandma.

This is the last picture taken with me and Grandma (sorry, Grandma....I meant Grandma and me--she was always correcting my grammar). It was taken right before I left for Iraq.


Terri said...

I hope you have only precious memories of your grandma during this time.

Martha said...

David sorry to hear of the loss of your grandma. How great that she got to see photos and video of Norah. she looks like a cool lady!


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