Thursday, October 1, 2009

Making Mama Laugh at 4am!

Last night during a late night feeding, Norah stopped and looked up and then puked! She hasn't really spit up much so I was surprised. I was lifting her up to the sitting position and she did it again and then one final time as she was "sitting up". So I burp her with spit up all over my hand and really all over her little body and diaper.

Next, I take off her diaper and am wiping her body off with a wash cloth and then something about her changes. She goes from whimpering to a content little lady. I stood up to bring the wash cloth back to the bathroom only to find out Norah pooed on my bed! Oh Norah girl... you silly girl. So, I laughed and cleaned her little poo stain and put a new diaper on my girl. I am so looking forward to more fun stories just like this!!! I LOVE NORAH!!!!!!


Chris and Kelli said...

That's awesome. I love hearing stories like this. I too changed puked on sheets and two pooped on outfits yesterday. My own home stain remover involves: dreft laundry spray, oxy clean max force, clorox 2, and an old toothbrush. Just rinse the poop off, apply aforementioned concoction, scrub with toothbrush, and let sit for up to 10 minutes (repeat steps 2 and 3 for set in stains). Launder as usual with a good second rinse option on your washer.

Oh, and just wait for when the poop comes out her diaper onto YOU!!! That's a good reason to wear jeans for a while. :-)


Eryn said...

Oh, ya. Let the poop stories begin! You are officially doomed to stories about poop infiltrating everyday conversations...Other moms will totally laugh with you and appreciate them...single or non mom friends...they don't quite get it.

Love it! Now...did you change the sheets, or just wipe it off like a true mom, and then crawl back in and get as much sleep as you could? :)

Blomgren2 said...

Like I would lose sleep over something like poop in my bed ;) I need my beauty rest!

Peter and Bethany said...

Too funny... Hunter peed in our bed this past week, hopefully there will be no poop!


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