Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Since David left I have...
*Been waiting 4,296 hours for his return
*Paid six water bills and six electric bills
*Been to the airport 16 times
*Cried countless times and laughed a lot too
*Had a baby :)
*Made some new friends and really cherished the old ones
*Taken out the trash about 23 times. What can I say, I miss a few weeks!
*Learned how to use the weed waker (see this post!)
*Had a lot of company both out of towners and locals - thank you everyone!
*Tried to "cook" for one - it's really not easy
*Gotten really close with my mom!
*Joined a new small group for mothers and I love it!
*Took trips to MN, IL, Vail & Denver
*Learned that I am not in control (it's funny it took me this long to get that. I'm not saying I won't struggle with this later on)
*And gotten really attached to both Wrigley and Norah as my housemates and companions!
Okay David... I'm really ready for you now! Can't wait... only 12 hours and 10 minutes until his airplane arrives!!!!


Terri said...

YAY! I have goosebumps :) Don't forget, be gracious to yourself, too. PS, LOVE the Christmas layout!

Eryn said...

Yay!! I 'm so excited for you to introduce your sweet girl to your hubby! Blog all about the first meeting! (well, in person meeting!)


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