Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Coconuts In My Pits (Deodorant Challenge Update)

It's been over a month since I posted the deodorant challenge and almost forgot that I needed to tell you about my body odor or lack thereof this last month!  It has been a pleasant and wonderful smelling experience and I really like the new deodorant!

After the initial post about making the deodorant, I had to rework mine a little.  It was melting too easily so I added more corn starch and baking powder.  I wish I measured how much but I just added more until the texture was firm but still pliable.  I also decided to transfer the deodorant from the old degree stick to a small glass container.

I only had two willing bodies who tried the challenge!  Kim (my sister) and David (the hubs).  They both liked the deodorant have great reviews of the product they made.  

Kim says:
I have really enjoyed making and wearing my own homemade deodorant.  It works just as good, if not better, than deodorant you buy in the store.  I haven't noticed any smelliness from my pits at all, just fresh coconuts!  I started out just rubbing it on with my fingers but have moved on to filling an old deodorant container with my homemade deodorant and applying it like any other deodorant.  It seems to be working nicely and is not as messy.  I really enjoy the fact that I know what is in my deodorant and that is not harmful for me.  I would encourage you to try it out!  It's fun and easy to do. Thanks Kel for challenging me to try it.

David says:
I really had low expectations for the homemade deodarant and thought I would use it for about a week and go back to my Old Spice.  However, I haven't had any foul body odor yet!   Granted, I don't sweat that much.  Overall, I have been impressed and have seen how easy it is to make.  I plan on continuing with the deodorant for the foreseeable future.  

If anyone else decides to try it, let me know what you think.  My next experiment might be homemade toothpaste! 


Stephanie said...

thanks for the update! i swear katie and i are going to make some soon! we'll let you know how it goes :)

Cheri said...

I just use coconut oil, and am please with teh results, but I hope to try your recipe sometime :-)Let me know how the toothpaste goes! What did you think of the tooth soap?

btw, you may like to check out
its my favorite blog, like the one you mention- I look forward to checking it out, and making my own elderberry syrup!

Love, Cheri


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