Thursday, November 4, 2010

Elderberry Syrup

Since it's sore throat and cold season we thought we'd stock up on some remedies before they hit.  Not really stock up but just having some homeopathic options on hand is something we like to do.

I've actually been wanted to try elderberry syrup for about a year and then came across a video on how to make it yourself.  It's much more cost effective to make the syrup yourself rather than buying it in the store.  Also, if you buy it in the store you will go through it very quickly.  The syrup can be used as a preventative as well as medicinal for when you have a sore throat.  You take 1 tablespoon daily to boost immune system and up to 1 tablespoon per hour during sickness.  Kids will even like it since it's a sweet syrup made with honey.  Check out the video and see how easy it is!  My elder berries are ordered and getting here later this week.

“Elderberry is anti-viral, contains high levels of flavonoids and antioxidants, has cell-protecting components, soothes sore throats, and supports the immune system and respiratory system.”


Kimberly said...

yo sis, you mean it's much more costly to buy in the store than to make yourself? right? did you find this on passionate homemaking? I really like that site, I look at it almost everyday! thanks!

Melissa said...

My midwife recommended Elderberry syrup when I got sick in January.
I had no idea I could make it at home.
I'll have to try that!

Hey! How'd the deodorant challenge go?

Stephanie said...

How about an update on the syrup? Did you make it?


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