Thursday, February 17, 2011

TWO stellar weeks: part 1

Week ONE:
We started the month off right with a visit from my (Kelly) parents!  They flew in to Spokane and spent about 5 days here.  It was a great mix of doing things around town and relaxing.  David and my dad both had to work during the days they were here so we had some chic time too :)

Things we did while the 'rents were in town:
*ate Korean food
*went to a kids carnival to watch Norah play and dance :)
*watched the Super Bowl (and felt disgusted that the Packer's won)
*the boys went to a Gonzaga Bulldogs basketball game (for free!!)
*sewed a little with my mom - I made a dog bed for their dog and she made a skirt for one of Norah's little friends
*my dad was able to connect with a great friend who he went on a mission trip with years ago
*REI scratch and dent sale (david finally got a ski jacket and some sweet gortex pants)
*watched Red (it was funny)
*played games
*went to the library for "lap sit reading time" - Norah does NO lap sitting though
*ate a lot of good food and discovered our love for pot stickers!
*went to Costco of course :)

Unfortunately, I didn't take hardly any pictures!  I'm waiting on an email from my mom with more to share - I'll update soon.

We visited the Little Spokane River at the Riverside State Park and it was cold but beautiful.  We also went there on week two.  It's a beautiful place to visit!
Norah does love her Nana and Papa, even though she looks a little funky in this picture.
After the day of Super Bowl watching Papa and Norah took a few 5 second naps!
It's always hard saying goodbye to family and friends but it's a wonderful thing to know when we'll be seeing them next!  Hurray for a summer family vacation!

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Kimberly said...

Yay for visits! Fun pics! Don't you just love our parents?


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