Friday, October 12, 2012

full heart.

Aaron, Kim & Nathan came to visit!!!  What a blast we all had - it was a fun-filled two weeks and we did and saw a lot.  Let me give you a rundown on our first few days together. Looking at these pictures of course makes me wish they were already back (but alas, we're so grateful they came at all).

The first full day they were here David worked and the girls and I took them to one of our beloved German pools for play and eating.
  Evelyn's getting so good and kissing!  I love it, even though it's quite sloppy :)
  Norah & Uncle Aaron on the swings.
  Nathan and his first Bratwurst here.
  Pretty spoiled and in love with Uncle Aaron :)

On their second day we visited Kaiserslautern. We walked by all the shops and part of the farmer's market.  Oh, and don't forget the cappuccinos!
  MEAT at said farmer's market.
Kaffee to keep us warm and awake!
 Great view, delicious food and awesome company!
Funny thing about this restaurant... it's known for having two pear trees that are over 100 years old and we are sitting under them.  Every few minutes a LARGE and scary thud would happen as a ripe pear would fall from the trees--it was quite dangerous!  Thankfully we were covered by a canopy.  It was very funny though, THUD!
 Sweet Norah girl out to dinner with the big kids.

More to come...


Kimberly said...

Gosh I miss you guys! Love the pics. Thanks for posting :)

Amy Hook said...

I love these pictures!!! The kissing one is awesome and that sweet Norah in the second to last one. Ahhh! You look amazing too, by the way.


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