Tuesday, October 30, 2012

kehlsteinhause, salzburg und wurstmarkt.

While my siblings were here we fit in as much as we could... a trip to Austria to see Salzburg and the Eagle's Nest was one of the last things we did as a group.  It was a fantastic outing!  As you know, David & I love Austria as much as we love Germany, so any chance to go there is a yes for us. We found a fantastic apartment to rent and we all had our own rooms with a kitchen and two balconies, too!  What a beautiful place the Lord has made in the mountains of Austria, but so sad that here in the beauty evil plans were hatched.
The best view of my loves and the beautiful mountains behind them (from the deck of the apartment we rented)... which I know you can't see that well.  Aren't they wonderful!?
View from the Eagle's Nest, with an EAGLE!  How crazy.
The nest.  Crazy how Adolf Hitler was literally here (only a few times) but still, it was his (given to him on his 50th birthday).
Lovely ladies.
Here's to you, Hitler!
Uncle Aaron!
Playing with the new camera and capturing a bee hard at work. 
The village we ended up in (Lofer--where David now wants to retire), there was a fall festival that weekend with live musik and great big bretzels. It was fun to see an Austrian fall fest.
A park down the road from our apartment. The girls enjoyed it for about 10 min and then we got kicked out because it was owned by a restaurant we weren't eating in. Oops.  Great view again, though!
Blessed are the feet that bring good news... and joy to a Mommy's heart!
A day in Salzburg. This is the town where The Sound of Music was based and where Mozart was born!  We didn't get to do much sightseeing of The Sound of Music because of timing but it was neat knowing where it was filmed.
A beautiful cemetery.  In Germany & Austria, apparently, they take extravagant care of the grave site of their beloved's that have passed away.  This is likely tied to the fact that families rent the sites and if they stop paying rent the bodies are exhumed and the site re-rented.

On the way home from Lofer we stopped at an alpine slide!  David & I took Norah along for a ride.  Like a good German park, there were rules but everything is at your own risk. There was no one to help us on the lift and no one at the top to tell us how to use the slide or if Norah even had to ride with us!  The rules say you have to be 8 to ride alone and when you're 8 you may also take another younger rider with you! Those crazy Austrians.
Here we go!

One more event we squeezed in while the siblings were here was the Bad Durkhiem Wein Fest!  Biggest wine fest in the world. It was honestly strange. The wine tents were nice, like below, but the rest of the fest was like a trashy carnival with rides and loud noises. Not the classy wine fest we expected.

Most of the wine you drink there is 3/4 glass of wine and 1/4 mineral water. It was really yummy, like a wine spritzer!
Evelyn enjoying her bratwurst & her Auntie Kim & Uncle Nathan!

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Kelseyms said...

Hey Kelly! Looks like you had a lot of fun! I visited Salzburg in '04 and LOVED it!!! We went on The Sound of Music tour, soooo neat! I was there after a missions trip to Serbia. We were only in Salzburg for a couple days but it was so beautiful!


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